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Working across all digital platforms and exploring the outrageous possibilities of Virtual Reality using 360° video, Cgi, Binaural Sound, and 360° post-production.

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Rose Uniacke – Pimlico

Client: Graphic Alliance

The first of a series of shop walk-throughs to promote the rather fabulous Additions collection that Rose Uniacke sells in her rather fabulous showroom.

The OT Practice

Client: The OT Practice

One of a series of films featuring clients who have experienced first-hand the remarkable work of the OT Practice and their therapists.

Conference at the cricket ground

Client: Graphic Alliance

Biscuit filmed at one of JM Finn’s conferences. This was a particularly interesting one and focused on ‘the disruptors’ and the opportunities and risks they offer investors.

Harwood House

Our friends at Harwoods Bed & Breakfast wanted to show how video can benefit all types of business

Wren House Infrastructure

Client: Wren House Infrastructure Management Limited

WHI  operates as a subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority. They asked Biscuit to create a film for their 3 year anniversary. Sourcing new and existing B-roll we added dynamic text and composited sequences to pull the film together.

Genius in Beauty

Client: How to Spend It

Award winning stylist Damian Foxe [The FT] and actress Bonnie Wright [Harry Potter] join forces to embody the liberated spirit of the Aesthetic Movement.

Global reports

Client: Graphic Alliance

One of an ongoing series of films featuring James Godrich who tackles the big investment questions of the moment.

The Alumni Programme

Client: EY

Film style trailer to launch EY’s Alumni programme.

Just a one word answer.

Client: THB

THB is a specialist (re)insurance broking and risk management group. This might sound a little dry but from the top down, they’re a brilliantly well-run company with a quirky sense of humour.  The animated backgrounds are courtesy of Simon Ansell at the excellent Graphic Alliance.

Hoops Legacy

Client: Hoops charity

Where there’s a hoop, there’s hope. This charity turns the energy, discipline, and teamwork of basketball into a power for good.

Animated promotional film for Ultima

Client: Ultima

‘Effortless requires a lot of effort’ and this animated promotional film for Ultima is a case in point. It was a lovely job from start to finish and we are as proud of the film as they are. If you would like something similar to help your brand or business, please get in touch.

The ManCave

Client: The Ft

Women say it’s like something out of Batman. Men say it’s like Iron Man’s garage. We just thought it was awesome. Filmed to help launch the FT’s, newly designed, ‘How to Spend It’ website.

LSE Summer School

Client: Graphic Alliance

Promotional film with animated graphics for the LSE’s Summer School.  We created a studio in the school and got students to relax and converse about their courses.


Client: Carillion

Employees and suppliers come together to talk about all areas of Carillon’s strategy to sustainable procurement.


Client: DENSO

One of a series of films produced for the Denso automotive group. This one looks at the role of key personnel in the AC department in Munich.

The Horse Vets

Not for the squeamish – a TV pilot [non-commissioned] focusing on one day in the stalls of a Hertfordshire based horse veterinary practice.

Summer School

Client: LSE

Working with the Right Side digital agency, ‘Summer School’ is one of a series of creative films used by the LSE to promote it’s world class learning.

The Meccanoid Personal Robot

Client: How to Spend It - The FT

The Meccano Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot comes with 1000+ phrases and voice recognition. In theory he can do anything. In theory…

The best in body armour

Client: PPSS Group

PPSS invited us to create a series of films highlighting the use of their very impressive body armour. This film features Craig Wilde who lost the use of his arm in an avoidable incident in one of HM’s prisons.  PPSS CEO, Robert Kaiser wanted to know more.

Tech review on Smartflower POP+

Client: The FT

A film tech review on Smartflower Pop+. A seriously sexy solar technology which is both beautiful to look at but also beautifully efficient. It’s ability to track the sun from dawn till dusk ensures it’s maximising solar potential. Biscuit wants one…

The Eulogy

Client: Carillion

A chance for railside employees to reflect on the potential cost of a mistake when working trackside.

The lofts

Client: Herts & Essex Lofts

One of a series of short testimonial films produced to bolster the online presence of a firm of bespoke builders. Herts & Essex  work with leading architects and designers to create luxury living spaces.

The Flixton Field Trip

Client: Legasee

Filmed for Legasee, second year students meet a group of veterans at the Flixton Aviation museum and learn about the 1948 Berlin Airlift.

Nokia is born again with 360 filming camera par excellence

Client: Biscuit Media

Nokia is back from the dead with the best stereoscopic [true 3d] 360 filming camera on the market. Perfect for all your VR filming requirements. Contact us for more information.

A phone for photographers

Client: The FT

Leica and Huawei push the envelope of the technologically possible in a mobile phone. Beautiful images are assured.

Lola loves GDPR

Client: T​he Overmore Group of Companies

In less than a year’s time, everyone working with personal data is going to be affected by the General Data Protection Regulation.   With the launch of GDPR a year away, Overmore ran an event to separate fact from fiction. Biscuit was asked to shoot and edit a fast turnaround film that captured the significance of the announcement.


Southend in Kensington. Detailing the technology in one of the most expensive homes [per sq ft] in the capital.

Back to the Floor

Client: Carillion

Bosses head back to the floor to better understand what life is like for the vast majority of rail side employees.

The Microsoft ‘Surface’ tablet

Client: How To Spend It - The FT

The very nice offering from Microsoft which finally provides Apple with a genuine rival to the super cool Macbook series.

The Charlie Froud Foundation

A cross-sea, waterski challenge is an ambitious way to raise funds for a much loved missing family member.


Adrenaline meets innovation to bring sport to those injured in battle. We were there on their first official run-out.


Client: The FT

Biolite create rather nifty camp gear that is not only clever tech, it’s also good for the environment. While he ruins the cooking of an egg, Mr Margolis explains how it works.

The Triby?

Client: How To Spend It - The FT

Triby is a speaker with a difference. Jonathan investigates…

D-Day Museum

Client: A day of two halves

Tech TV

Client: Tech TV

Biscuit have spent four years producing a bi-monthly strand of product reviews with the Tech guru, Jonathan Margolis. Each film streams on’s How to Spend It Magazine site.


Client: HSBC

Nirmala is the focus of this short film which was produced and directed for the Gatehouse Group. Used to demonstrate best practice to other employees working within HSBC’s Global Transactional Banking division.

Pearl for Veolia

Client: Veolia

Working for the Gatehouse Group and in partnership with Duncan Raitt from Plastic Milk, Pearl details construction of a remarkable gas-to-liquid plant in the Qatrai desert.

First Group

Client: First Group

An employee engagement film about the introduction of smarter, cross-country, travel technology within this global transportation group.

National Grid

Client: National Grid

Working for the Gatehouse Group this celebratory film was a chance to dig into the National Grid’s extensive archive.

Sinking of the Three Cruisers

Client: Historic Dockyard, Chatham

One hundred years ago over 1200 men were lost before breakfast in a catastrophic U-Boat attack early in World War One. The Historic Dockyard wanted to remember them.

The Veterans’ Visit

Client: Luton School

Two Naval Veterans pay a visit to the Luton primary school in Kent to answer questions about their lives during the Second World War.


Client: EDF

Produced for Picturesmith Ltd, this is one of many films of this ilk that we produce for clients developing ideas and strategy with their employees.


Client: Stork bake-off

Dug out from our archives as we received the sad news that Marguerite Patten had passed away. She was a culinary legend and a pleasure to work with.

We belong

Client: HSBC

Filmed and directed at HSBC’s Canary Wharf HQ, this self penned film enabled employees to deliver their own message about employee engagement.